Summer camp is a place where lots of magic happens. One time, at summer camp, a counselor enthusiastically announced that there would be a competition. Each child immediately had a balloon tied to their shoe. They said, "Anyone who has an un-poped balloon at the end of one minute, wins!" The competition began and the kids went crazy trying to pop eachother's balloons while protecting their own. As the time neared one minute the last balloon was popped and no one had won the prize.

However, no one needed to pop the balloons and everyone could have won.

Competition: the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others. "there is fierce competition between banks"

In a silicon valley culture, and a heavily western-influenced business world, the word "competition" has been grossly redefined and misused. There is a fascination with Darwin's "only the strongeset survive" mentality, and it has influenced our understanding of what it means to compete.

This word is actually a combination of the Latin words /com/ and /petere/ which basically translates to "petition together." The original usage of the word has the idea that we are all working together and striving for something, rather than against each other.

What would tomorrow look like if we were co-petitioning together for a better world rather than looking to annihilate the "competition"?

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