Returning to the roots of multifaceted wisdom.


Jonathan Reyes

Living in the intersection of technology, people, and nature exploring and cultivating new and innovative expressions.

about me

I have a fascination with technology, philosophy, agriculture, and love to explore nature, animation and human interaction. The world is longing for those who find it fascinating.

Cloud Architect

Cloud Infrastructure

I am a certified AWS Cloud Solutions Architect and find scalability problems very enjoyable.


Founder, CEO | 2018

Tulua is an organization that focuses on a triple bottom line. It uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Cloud Infrastructure to solve problems with the environment and people.


CTO, Co-Founder | 2015-2017

Responsible for design and implementation of cloud infrastructures, machine learning, big data processing, scalability, frontend development, and backend API using NodeJS, Rails, PHP, MySQL, Cassandra, Spark, and Amazon AWS.

2Advanced Studios

Senior Developer | 2008-2012

Responsible for the development of backend object-oriented, high-volume, database-driven applications, front-end flash development, and various other applications for the iPhone and desktop. Worked with many large organizations and companies like Activision, NAMCO Bandai Games, and Adobe.